A Women-owned Marketing Firm

We’re moving women forward.


At Sally On!, we invest in your success.

As business owners ourselves, we know firsthand the people and energy you surround yourself with has everything to do with the growth and success of your business.

Over the years, we realized that working with women-led and values-driven brands has facilitated the most synergy and provided us with deep felt purpose. We see the positive effects women-empowered businesses have on the economy, their employees, and the communities they serve. By collaborating to advance your entrepreneurial goals, we are committed to helping women-owned and women-focused brands succeed.


Morgan Hamilton


Ideas, innovation and iced coffee are what Morgan brings to the proverbial table each and every day. A marketing leader, deep thinker, connector, and creator, Morgan offers wisdom and guidance to clients and colleagues. She has a knack for identifying big picture strategies that get results for each unique business. An avid researcher, she stays up-to-date on industry trends, and uses her knowledge to fuel growth in companies.

Morgan lives in Kentucky with her son and husband. She loves to cook recipes that require entirely too many ingredients and directions, sipping on natural wine with gal pals, and going down TikTok rabbit holes.

Aris Taylor


After 17 years in small business marketing, Aris Yowell Taylor knows what it takes to breathe life into a brand or take an idea and make it a reality. A demonstrated marketing strategist and leader, seasoned storyteller, and powerhouse project manager, the most special things you get when having Aris in your corner are a certified hype woman and true partner. She takes believing in yourself to a whole other level and infuses her work for clients with authenticity, fun and the knowing that your business or idea is already a success.

Aris lives in Cincinnati, OH with her two (puppy) sons, Comet and Nash, and her husband, James. A huge dog rescue supporter, in her free time, you’ll find Aris tracking down lost and abandoned pets in her community (several success stories on record!), taking walks to her local park, rocking a karaoke mic, or enjoying a backyard happy hour with friends.