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3 Tips for Marketing During A Crisis

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We watch with deep sadness as the current conflict in Ukraine continues to unfold. As a collective, the stress and heaviness of the world (especially in the last few years) can be difficult to navigate both in our personal lives and in our businesses.

When times such as these occur, it can be challenging to know how to handle your planned marketing communications. Having some framework in place to balance being an informed, sensitive and human-centered brand, while still being mindful of your business’ critical marketing and communications, is key. Here are the three steps we recommend taking when considering your marketing during times of crisis.


Whatever messaging you have planned for the day when important regional, national and global news breaks, pause it. Quickly stopping scheduled social media posts, email marketing, press releases and other communications, when possible, allows for the focus and air time to be on the issue at hand, demonstrates tact and exhibits awareness. We understand there are circumstances when pausing your planned marketing is not possible, but when it is, do it.


Gain an understanding of how the issue is transpiring within media outlets. Are things resolving? Just gearing up? Is an influential leader such as the President of the United States planning a speech? Is a major decision solidifying and getting ready to be shared? Timing has a lot to do with managing marketing in times of crisis and listening will help you determine the right time to resume your communications.

Listening is also a step meant to help you consider your role in creating messaging around the crisis. Often, messaging regarding the crisis at hand does not need to be created from the viewpoint of your organization. Rather, if it is a crisis important for your organization to recognize, sharing messaging from trusted thought leaders and sources who are qualified and knowledgeable on the topic could be an option.   

Proceed with Empathy

It is understood and accepted that your business will need to resume implementation of its marketing communications at some point during or after a crisis. Pausing and listening will help you decide how to proceed with empathy. Something as simple as how we started this post lets your audience know you’re aware. Especially when it’s genuine.


Be bold. Invest in your future.