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5 Ways to Celebrate National Women-Owned Business Day, October 5, 2023

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National Women-Owned Business Day (WOBD) is coming Thursday, October 5, 2023! This yearly event is celebrated the first Thursday in October, and we founded it with the goal to highlight and uplift the many outstanding achievements of women entrepreneurs. 

With women-owned small businesses generating nearly two trillion dollars annually— this day holds even more significance. As you celebrate National Women-Owned Business Day, consider the women entrepreneurs who have pioneered the way forward to a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable future. 

How will you celebrate these leaders in both your local community and nationwide? We’re here to help inspire and motivate with the top five ways to celebrate WOBD. Support women-led brands, invest in women-owned entrepreneurship, and join us in celebrating National Women-Owned Business Day by getting the official toolkit, and these ideas below.

Buy from Women-Owned Businesses 

Purchasing services or products from local women-owned businesses is one of the easiest ways to express support — especially if you show up consistently. Plus, leaving a review online, sharing word-of-mouth with your friends and family, or even connecting with other like-minded customers in-store are all great ways to increase interest and support in your favorite businesses.

It’s easy to find industries that are women-led, too. According to The State of Women-Owned Business Report, women entrepreneurs garner the highest revenue in wholesale trade, retail trade, and other professional or technical service industries1. You may already be buying services or products from a women-owned business in your area or online, and if that’s the case, why not take it a step further?

Raise Awareness about a Women-Owned Business You Love

Buying from a women-owned organization is an excellent first step. Take it even further by raising awareness about an organization or business you care about — especially if you have the platform or connections to do so.

Use your social media platforms and connections to raise awareness for your favorite women-led organizations and give them a shout-out. 

This can help build bridges between communities, support diverse business models in industries you care about, and foster overall growth for businesses you love.

Engage with Women-Owned Businesses on Social Media

If you don’t have a huge online platform, there are still plenty of ways to support women-led organizations online. Engaging with women-owned brands on your social media is a simple way to make a powerful impact. Follow brands you enjoy, and boost their content by liking, commenting, sharing, and using the hashtag #WomenOwnedBizDay. 

When sharing a review about a product or service, be sure to get specific. Let others know what you honestly like about the brand and what you found helpful when utilizing their services. Sharing your authentic experience will help other people feel connected to your favorite women-owned brands, too. 

Provide Resources to Your Community

When it comes to celebrating National Women-Owned Business Day, community is one of our top priorities. You can help us build an even stronger community by taking steps to provide women-owned businesses with resources in your area. Mentor young entrepreneurs, host virtual or in-person talks for women-owned organizations, or start investment opportunities for low-income or non-profit organizations.

It’s important to share resources, expertise, and encouragement among fellow women business owners. Together we can increase the ratio of women-founded businesses in the U.S. and help women-owned enterprises succeed with better funding, resources, and community. 

Be a Connector

National Women-Owned Business Day seeks to connect women entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and sizes. This day is all about collaboration, celebration, and connection! Best of all, you don’t have to own a small business to participate. You just have to be willing to approach the day with an open mind and have a desire to make meaningful connections. 

The best approach to celebrating the day and being a Women-Owned Business Connector is to:

  • Highlight your favorite women-owned small businesses and brands
  • Use your own resources, knowledge, or industry connections to help women-owned businesses succeed
  • Start investing in women-owned organizations if you have the time and resources 
  • Help someone you know to get their small business off the ground (or encourage them to do so)
  • Continue supporting women-owned small businesses all year long

We look forward to celebrating National Women-Owned Business Day with you and honoring all of your achievements!

Visit the official WOBD website to download your WOBD Social Toolkit and help us learn more about you!

1American Express. “The State of Women-Owned Business Report.” Summary of Key Trends, 2019.


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