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Socially Radiant | Cincinnnati. OH

Hey, everyone!  Welcome to our new and improved website, brand and blog. Here at Sally On!, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes, so we are so happy to be able to step out in front of our site to say hello and quickly re-introduce ourselves.

Formally, Socially Radiant, Sally On! is a growing team of marketers, writers, creatives and designers. Together, we have the skills, passion, and know-how to create and execute strategic marketing plans and propel your business forward. Sally On! literally means to move forward in a bold and confident way, and that’s what we’re channeling for you and for us. 

Passionate about health and wellness, we started out niching in that space and continue to support brands within this industry. As a women-owned company ourselves, we firmly believe representation in leadership and in business matters. And while our new vision is centered on supporting women in business, we’re an inclusive company and welcome the opportunity to connect and work with anyone.

We’re so excited to help you take your business to the next level and move the needle forward at the same time. Let’s Sally On!


Be bold. Invest in your future.